Spike protein in many organs…

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Post vaccine, post mortem blood clots

Not blood clots

Formed after death (incompatible with life)

Blood from a living patient with acute peripheral circulation ischaemia,

(after cooling the blood sample)

Might be a consolidation of proteins previously dissolved in the blood

Professor Arne Burkhardt (Walter Lang)



Original German language presentation

• Prof. Arne Burkhardt – Aktuelle Erken…

Link page to translated version


2nd conference on vaccine adverse events (English translation)


Relatives turning to pathologists March 2022 onwards

Suspecting deaths might be vaccine caused

A disturbing and very complex histological picture

15 pathologic studies in the series so far

Found patterns that can be attributed to vaccinations


Involved a range of other analytical specialists

We have a toxicological problem before us

Things have been overlooked in the past

There is a poison at work which is produced in the body

Which means we must look of it in the tissues

Infection has been excluded

Methodology test

We have proved that spike protein in produced in the muscle it is injected into

We are able now to prove that this can occur I almost all cells and organs the body

Diffuse endothelialitis

Endo thelial itis

Active spike protein produced in adipose tissue

Clustering around capillary endothelium

(Biopsy from living patient, 8 months post vaccine)

Left, swollen blood vessels with SP
Right, brown stained SP with obliterative vasculitis

Damage to vascular endothelium, thrombogenic exposure

Foreign bodies in the lungs but not in the alveoli

Also FBs found in the spleen, pancreas, heart

Probably FBs are cholesterol?
Cholesterol released from atheromatous plaques

Accumulation of protein, amyloid like deposits

Found in tissues including the brain


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