Confessions Of A Time-Traveller!! The Man From 3036!! The Proof Is Absolutly Astonishing!!!

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Alot of what hes saying slightly resignates with my previous video about Maisionry and the new world order. Why do the leaders of 3036 execute people who are Christians & why are the Christians forced to live in underground tunnels. Sebastian speaks about the vaccine war, which he says has already begun.

This will start many other World Wars. He also speaks about a Blackout that will happen, Worldwide, in December 2057, every bit of electricity will be completely Off, for over 5 years, causing total crisis and huge riots!

As the journalist PROVES, Sebastian has no ethnicity, his blood line hasn’t even been created yet. he has millions of metal fibres in his bloodstream. He even has a foreign chip in between his left thumb and left index finger, which Sebastion says is inserted in everysingle child straight after birth.

I really hope that it wasn’t sebastians body found in this video. if what he’s was saying is true.. he could have helped the world in so many ways, more than we would ever know! so we need to share his story and make sure it is heard! Rest in peace Sebastian 🙁 Please let me know what you think about this video. Isnt the proof just astonishing!!

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