The Technology of Control: How does the Matrix Control Your Consciousness and Actions?

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The Technology of Control:

In order to successfully control the individual and society as a whole, there are several important principles that apply.

First principle: To keep the masses in ignorance by withholding or falsifying information of various kinds. Generally speaking, people must not be aware or know the technology of manipulation and must not know who the puppet masters are, the ones pulling the strings of political puppets and directing events behind the scenes. The true history of mankind and important discoveries that would positively change life on Earth also remain hidden from society.

Second principle: The consciousness of the masses should be diverted from the real problems in all possible ways. For example, this is done by providing a variety of activities for the mind and senses – television, radio, computers, cinema, alcohol, drugs, pornography and more. One surefire way to block spiritual pursuits and intellectual development and divert people’s attention from serious, strategic issues is to keep them in misery and create an abundance of everyday problems and all sorts of other problems. (Does this look familiar to you?)

Third principle: People should be manipulated in such a way as to control both themselves and their peers. It is done through programmed limitations in thinking, forming the area of ​​what we can call the “safe zone”. Outside of it are punishments, in whatever form – verbal assault and stigmatization, mental harassment, imprisonment, forced psychiatric treatment, physical destruction.

Using the pre-established programs in people’s minds, one of the most widely and successfully applied methods of mass control is the “divide and conquer!” tactic. According to Chomsky, “People should not be allowed to organize, because in that case they can become more than spectators of the action that is offered to them.”

Applying this technique, the manipulators, who are many times less than the controlled ones, have unlimited opportunities to pit different groups of people, entire nations and even races against each other and to pursue their policies. The English journalist and writer David Icke writes: “The human race is as free as a flock of sheep is free behind the fence of the pen. Free to think as he is told to think, and to live as he is told is “right.”

Here’s another quote from The Matrix: The Matrix is ​​a system, Neo. This system is our enemy. What do you see when you look around? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The minds of the same people we are trying to save… You have to understand – most of these people are not ready to be switched off. And many of them are so used to and hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it. There are fields, Neo, endless fields where people are no longer born. We are being raised. For a long time I did not believe. And then I saw the fields with my own eyes. I’m trying to free your mind… But I can only show you the door. You have to go through it yourself… you have to suppress everything, Neo – fear, doubt, disbelief…”

The matrix does not have the task of creating independently thinking human beings. That is why we are taught what to think, not how to think! By all possible means, we constantly instill the feeling that we are a “victim” of external circumstances and are encouraged to place our responsibility in the hands of another. In this way we can be effectively controlled through various institutions and organizations – political, military, religious, medical and others.

Fourth principle: Manipulation of consciousness using mainly people’s emotions. Many beliefs and convictions can be implanted in the minds of many people after brain function is deliberately impaired through provoked fear, anger or excitement. The most common results of this confusion are impaired critical judgment and increased suggestibility. That is why the society is constantly provided with “appropriate” information about events that stimulate precisely these emotions.

Fear and uncertainty about certain problems are instilled, and their solutions are imposed from outside. The focus of public attention is being purposefully shifted from the real causes of the problems, by proposing inadequate measures to solve them.

In his book “The Biggest Secret”, David Icke gives a very precise explanation of the scheme by which humanity is manipulated in all areas of life to impose decisions that would otherwise be rejected by people as unacceptable. He writes: “The reason we are controlled is not that we do not have the power to decide our own destiny, but because we give that power every minute of our lives. When something happens that we don’t like, we look to blame someone else. When a problem arises in the world, we say, “What will they do about it?” However, those who actually created the problem secretly responded to this request by offering a “solution” – even greater centralization of power and deprivation of liberty.

If you want to give more power to the police, security services and the military, and if you want the people to insist on this themselves, then you are providing opportunities to spread crime, violence and terrorism, and so achieving your goal is tied. Once people begin to fear of being robbed, attacked or blown up, they themselves will ask you to take away their freedom to protect them from what they are actually being manipulated to fear…

This is the technique I call problem-reaction-solution. You create the problem by stimulating the “Something needs to be done” reaction and then offer the solution. People in a state of fear, helplessness and despair eventually turn off and become the sheep who are encouraged to be, swaying throughout life in a state of numb obedience…

Global physical control over the entire population of the planet is impossible. But this is not necessary as long as you can guide the way people think and feel, and to the point that they “decide” to do what you actually want them to do and want to introduce laws that you actually want. An old saying goes that if you want someone to do something, make them believe it’s their idea. Humanity has a controlled mind and is not much more aware than a zombie…”

International bankers and supranational corporations are experts at creating psycho-epidemics, and with the help of political puppets and their subordinate media machine, they have the potential to provoke any kind of crisis – whether in the field of economics, agriculture or healthcare and then impose the decision they had previously planned to be made by society.

Principle 5: The changes must be done in steps. The technique of boiled frog is used (when a frog is placed in a vessel with hot water, it will immediately jump out of it, but if it is placed in a vessel with cold water and gradually begins to heat up, the frog will boil without noticing). When undesirable democratic laws are introduced, this is done almost unnoticed and in stages, so that the masses gradually get used to it, until they finally realize it is too late that and they are “cooked”. And given the many ways to divert public attention, it’s no wonder that the “elite” succeeds in their plans.

Educated people are difficult to manipulate. Therefore, in order to have as few as possible, education offered in schools and universities has been turned into a system of indoctrination. The perimeter of the acquired knowledge is very narrow within the respective specialties, and everything else is taught as the most general culture, without even talking about the forces that act in society and push its development in a certain direction.

Power over the minds of young people is a major factor in controlling the world. True education should not fill children’s heads with clichés and unnecessary and false information, but teach them to think critically, to study unbiased what is happening in life and to develop their creative abilities without limits.

David Icke writes: “Our children are not educated. They are indoctrinated. Doctrines, ideas or opinions are instilled in them… The system largely controls what adolescents learn, how they are taught and what they believe in… Education, at least in its Western version, aims to create fodder for the system… Its role is to produce robots to fill jobs and eradicate from young people’s minds any thought of rebellion against the status quo… people need to be trained and prepared to fit into the system…”

In an interview with the Monitor newspaper on September 18, 2000, entitled “The survival of our people is at stake”, the late Nikolay Haitov explained the manipulations in the field of education in our country: “The actions of the Euro-Atlantic community do not seem to suggest Bulgaria as a sovereign country or at least of the people in this territory. This is evident from the fact that nowhere else in Southeast Europe was there such a cruel broom against the established culture as in Bulgaria…

I will give an example with an agreement between the World Bank and Bulgaria. When discussing the allocation of $400 million for our education, I obtained the terms of conditions, I wrote an article on this occasion. The World Bank provided this $400 million on the condition that 60% of it would be spent at its discretion, outsourcing projects to its own people. In fact, they keep them. The remaining 40% was planned to be allocated by the Ministry of Education for projects. But in return, the World Bank reserves the right to approve textbooks and the status of our entire education…

There was something shocking about the agreement: the condition that this agreement could not be changed by law. The World Bank is therefore above the laws of Bulgaria! Thus, it leased all our education, and the Ministry of Culture has long been bought on another occasion. This is how the young generation falls entirely into the hands of the World Bank, and it will educate them through the school so that they erase the last remnants of national consciousness in these young people. On this television in 10-15 years there will be no young man aged 15 who feels that he or she is Bulgarian…

I call this policy disastrous for us, the deliberate, purposeful destruction of Bulgarian identity and culture. The tip of the iceberg is the statement of that Austrian professor who wants us to change our alphabet. How does the Ministry of Culture react? Not at all. Now he has said it, tomorrow he will repeat it third, he will become a hit, finally they will include him in the plan of the National Assembly and one day they will just replace the Cyrillic alphabet… And so we will fall without a war, “civilized”.

How many Bulgarians have an idea for this memorandum of the World Bank, related to our education?!

The deliberate falsification of history locally and globally and the maintenance of certain misconceptions in this area is a powerful tool for manipulating society.

When you have complete control over the education system and the media, and many people in science are conformists, this is not difficult to achieve. As briefly but accurately described by J. Orwell in his book “1984”: “He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past! ”

As of September 15, 2006, history classes (in Bulgaria) have been reduced by 25%, and in the next 3 years this program affected students between 5th and 7th grade. Children will go through material covering more than 60 centuries in just an hour and a half a week.

Formal science is one way to control society. In general, it is materialistically oriented, one-sided and narrow-minded. In all branches of scientific knowledge, there is concealment of information and it is not possible to apply discoveries that would change the life of mankind – for example, inventions that can provide abundant energy at low cost for any needs or effective treatment methods that do not require the use of synthetic drugs.

I end with another quote from David Icke: “One of the greatest myths known to the human race is that politicians have power. This is simply not true. How can 365 members of the British Parliament have the power of a population of about 57 million? Or should the president have power over 250 million Americans? It can not. Their only power is in our belief that they have power…

Towards the end of British rule in India, Gandhi told the colonial government: “100 000 British cannot control 300 million Indians if those Indians do not cooperate.” From this sentence you can find out who has the real power. It is in us, in the mass of people, not in governments, armies, industrial conglomerates… they only seem to have power, because of apathy and what is installed in the minds of the robots… ”

Is there a solution? There is always, but in this case its implementation in practice is quite difficult, even impossible for most people on the planet. It is difficult because it requires a reassessment of the worldview, abandonment of “certain” stereotypes in the past, a change in the way of thinking and living.

Only with awareness, unconditional love and strong will we can get out of the prison in which we have shackled ourselves and thwart the action of dark forces on our consciousness.

Through their thinking and actions, people collectively create the reality in which they live. In order to change it and make the Earth a better place to live, it is important not only to be aware of the hidden mechanisms that move society, but also to show desire and readiness for their dismantling and reform.

Until we stop deluding ourselves and open our eyes to what is happening around us, as long as we tolerate the demagoguery, corruption and populism of politicians, as long as we come to terms with crime and lawlessness, as long as we prefer blind faith to common sense, as long as we allow “Elite” to direct and manipulate events, and as long as we continue to be a “stunned herd”, we cannot be free.

Tomorrow starts today, so don’t delay the change!

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