Arabic Belly Dance Alla Kushnir!

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Alla Kushnir (or Leila as she is also known) is a world famous Ukrainian belly dancer, choreographer, festival and performance organizer. Her perfected style is one of the most explosive , sensual, and spectacular the bellydance community has seen in many years. Alla Kushnir was able to use her tremendous gifts to become a finalist of the Ukraine television show “Ukraine’s Got Talent”. She has also competed internationally and won LBC Belly Dance World Championship “Hezzi Ya Nawaim” and many other times in diverse world championships of bellydance.

Alla Kushnir has been an avid bellydancer since she was a young girl, and her talent has only grown over time. In Kiev where she grew up she studied at a specialized school of the arts where she received a broad creative background. Near the start of her dancing career Alla did not experience a pull toward any one style of dance in particular , thus she became enamored with ballroom, folk, and a wide array of other dance styles and motifs. She used the varied styles she learned to perfect a unique and sensational style that she used in amateur competitions.

After graduating high school she pursued an education in law and decided that she preferred not to link her dancing life with her law school life. However, on the second year Alla happened to watch a program on belly dancing on television and she was hooked. This program changed the course of events for her life. She decided to commit to the dance styles of the east, however during that time in her part of Ukraine there were no teachers, Alla began to study bellydance on her own in a similar manner to how she studied other dance styles in her youth. She took many trips to seminars in different cities of Russia and Ukraine during this time.

To watch Alla perform is to watch the embodiment of emotion. It is sometimes said that dance is dance; and technique is technique. But Alla Kushnir is able to bring forth a raw power and force to her belly dancing that is able to emotionally stun the viewer. This is the weapon of the beautiful dancer, she molds your feelings, and puts forth incredible passion into each movement. Despite her youth, Alla is the winner of numerous international and foreign competitions and championships. It’s undoubted that all those titles are well deserved, and that she will continue to win more in the future.

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