Between 1939-41, Adolf Hitler issued over 2 dozen peace offers to Winston Churchill…

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Between 1939-41, Adolf Hitler issued over 2 dozen peace offers to Winston Churchill, pleading that he had no desire to fight the UK or conquer any part of Europe.

The offers even included assistance to Britain, should they come under enemy attack.

Hitler wrote that his mission was to prevent Communist infiltration & an attack from the East. His advance upon Europe was in defence of the French & British troops advancing from the West.

Polish Communists began slaughtering bordering German civilians in response to Hitler’s success in preventing a Bolshevik coup in Germany.

Churchill declined all offers of peace & proceeded to bomb civilian areas of Germany (a War Crime) until Hitler was compelled to retaliate. This was a ploy by Churchill to let the USA join WWII, which was required by Jewish Freemason President Roosevelt.

Churchill was too drunk to broadcast & Winnie the Pooh actor Norman Shelley voiced many of his most famous radio speeches.

Hitler dropped leaflets across Europe with a hope that the public would hear his desire for peace, but the State Media continued to lie about basis of the War. The peace offers were hidden from the British people.

Hitler was a threat to the Banking Cartel & their long-range plan to impose Communism to all non-Jewish nations. [shifting from Capitalism]

In their decade of independence, Germany saw unseen prosperity & unity, with family, decency & Christianity at the forefront, but for the Western Banking Cabal, this was unacceptable.

The machine proceeded to vilify Nationalism, propagate Germany & brought the country back to its knees as it was before the event of the populist uprising.

This playbook can clearly be seen today with MAGA in the US & with Putin’s struggle for Russia, both of which seek to expel the Banking dynasties & their propaganda monopolies.

Future proves past. ⚡️

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