10 reasons to LOVE Lucid more than Tesla! Защо Lucid е по добър от Tesla?

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Lucid Motors is scheduled to begin selling production vehicles towards the end of 2021.

Up until this point, they have received plenty of unfair criticism and not enough recognition for the great features and technological advancements of their vehicles.

The purpose of this video is to shine a light on those outstanding features and explain how, in some regards, they give Lucid Motors an advantage over Tesla.

Because, whether people like it or not, Tesla is the litmus test against which all other EVs will be measured for several years to come.



Lucid Motors is one of the most exciting electric vehicle (EV) start-ups to go public in 2021.

Rivian, an electric pickup truck and SUV manufacturer, is also expected to go public in 2021.

For a new EV manufacturer there will always be comparisons to Tesla because it is the most well-known pure-play EV manufacturer.

This is especially true for Lucid, which was created and is being led by a former Tesla executive. In today’s video, we’ll look at why Lucid is superior to Tesla in several areas.

Lucid WUNDERBOX takes fast-charging to the next level!

Due to the fact that Lucid Motors is slated to begin delivering the first Lucid Air series to customers at any time soon, the spotlight has properly been centred on the fascinating technology and performance of the luxury electric cars on the market.

However, the company is much more than just an automobile manufacturer, as they have invented a number of other items that have the potential to be game changers for many people throughout the world.

This includes their state of the art technology of Wunderbox . And that is exactly what we will be discussing in today’s video.



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